Universe Club Inter starting a limited 100% free member registration promo


Offer outline: Universe Group, a company that manages Sugar Dating clubs (Main office Location: Shibuya, Tokyo, President: Satoshi Kida, hereinafter Universe), has launched a 100% free membership registration campaign for the International Japan, Singapore, and Taiwan branch.

The Singapore branch, which launched it's opening on the 1st of December last year, will start a limited campaign offering a 100% free membership for the Sugar Daddies alongside the International Japan branch located in Tokyo and also with the newly opened Taiwan branch.

The goal of this campaign is to offer the exclusive fine Sugar Dating service to the vast number of sugar daddies in the midst of other similar services.

This campaign will eliminate the factors of gentlemen that do not have the time to research and weigh the cost to register into a sugar dating club or are uncertain about the sugar dating service. It will provide them the starting point of meeting a suitable Sugar Baby.

Each branch in the International group is working hard in branding their sugar dating services to a higher tier than online Sugar Dating application services. With eight years of experience gained in providing a personally customed Sugar Dating service and giving birth to a vast network with the Japanese branches, the International group will bridge Sugar Daddies and Sugar babies across the globe safely and securely.

The stationed Concierge staff at each branch is crucial to provide high-quality service. Trained staff are on the standby to resolve any problems during the dates as well as being the interviewer for each sugar baby for an accurate, truthful profile. They will also meet and introduce the Sugar dating service to the gentlemen making a realistic personal concierge service.

The International branches of Universe Club will keep on providing an overflowing romantic Sugar dating service from Asia throughout the world in creating passionate connections with Sugar daddies with Sugar babies.

Campaign Overview:

Sugar daddies registering with the campaign will be able to redeem their full membership registration fees to Universe Club Points and will be able to use the points for the following:

The NEW Online dating service setting fee's

Date Setting fee's with Sugar Babies

Upgrading their class to a higher tier

Membership renewal fee's

They will be able to redeem their full membership fee on the same day of registration, making them able to use the points on the very same day of their registration.


Non-eligible for monthly subscription membership registrations

Campaign period:

Wednesday 1st of April, 2020 ~ Thursday 30th of April, 2020

Offer details for Sugar daddies in Japan:


Offer details for Sugar Daddies in Singapore


Offer details for Sugar Daddies in Taiwan




概要:交際クラブを運営するユニバース倶楽部(所在地:東京都渋谷区 代表取締役社長:木田 聡 以下、ユニバース) が、インターナショナル3支店(インターナショナルジャパン、シンガポール、台湾)限定で入会金実質無料キャンペーンを開始いたしました。

本文: 昨年12月1日にオープンしたシンガポール支店は、東京にあるインターナショナルジャパン支店と新しく開店された台湾支店の3支店限定で、入会金全額実質無料のキャンペーンを開始しました。













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